The failure of man under every condition is met by the salvation of God.

   The name “Genesis” is the Greek word for “beginning”.
   The word “generations” indicates the successive divisions of the book. Notice this word in Genesis 2:4; 5:1; 6:9; 10:1; 11:10; 11:27; 25:12; 25:19; 36:1; 37:2. Each of these verses introduces a new section, in which is traced the “generations” of the person it names.
   Genesis is the first of the five books of Moses, known as “the Law.” See Luke 24:44; Matthew 22:40; John 10:34. The testimony of the New Testament ascribes the authorship to Moses. See Matthew 19:8; Mark 12:26; Luke 16:31; John 5:46.

The Beginnings of the Race and of the Chosen Family

I. God and the Race, Genesis 1-11
   1. The Beginnings of the World and of Man, Genesis 1:1-2:25
   2. The Beginning and Spread of Evil, Genesis 3:1-6:7
   3. The Judgment and Renewal of the Earth, Genesis 6:8-11:26
II. God and the Chosen Family, Genesis 12-50
   1. The History of Abraham and His Son Isaac, Genesis 11:27-25:11
      (The Line of Ishmael, Hagar’s Son), Genesis 25:12-18
   2. The History of Isaac and Jacob, Genesis 25:19-35:29
      (The Line of Esau, Who Sold His Birthright), Genesis 36:1-37:1
   3. The History of Jacob’s Sons, Joseph and His Brothers, Genesis 37:2-50:26
      (1) Joseph Sold into Egypt, Genesis 37:1-36
         (Judah’s Sin), Genesis 38:1-30
      (2) Joseph’s Servitude in Egypt, Genesis 39-41
      (3) The Journeys of Joseph’s Brothers to Egypt, Genesis 42-45
      (4) Jacob Goes to Egypt. He and Joseph Die There, Genesis 46-50 – Through the Bible Day by Day