The evidence of faith is good works.

​The author of this Epistle was probably the Lord’s brother, mentioned with Joses, Simon and Judah, and often in the Acts of the Apostles. See Mark 6:3; Acts 12:17; 15:13; 21:18. He was bishop, or president, of the church at Jerusalem, and this letter was probably written from that city. The emphasis laid on the nearness of our Lord’s advent points to a date near a.d. 70. The Epistle may have been written in Hebrew, and was addressed to the Hebrew section of the Church. It lays great emphasis on the sublime ideal of character which Christianity had raised, and to maintain which demanded the constant diligence of all professing Christians. —Through the Bible Day by Day

The Measure of a Christian

Salutation, James 1:1
1. Tested Character, James 1:2-18
2. Hearing and Doing, James 1:19-27
3. The Hypocrisy of Class Distinctions, James 2:1-13
4. The Evidence of True Faith, James 2:14-26
5. The Unruly Tongue, James 3
6. The Grace of Humility, James 4
7. The Curse of Ill-Gotten Wealth, James 5:1-6
8. The Need of Patience and Prayer, James 5:7-20 —Through the Bible Day by Day