Access of the redeemed to God is only through the blood. Holiness of the redeemed is imperative.

   This name was also given by the Greek translators, and is the equivalent of the opening Hebrew word. The book treats of the laws relating to the ritual, services and sacrifices of the Hebrew religion, the superintendence of which was in the hands of the Levitical priesthood. It is principally concerned with the duties of the priests.
   The book falls into four principal sections and an appendix:
   1. The Laws as to Sacrifices, including the five offerings and the connection of the priests with each of these offerings: Leviticus 1:1-7:38
   2. The Institution of the Priesthood: Leviticus 8-10
   3. The Laws Relating to Purification, including the great Day of Atonement: Leviticus 11-16
   4. The Laws Concerning Holiness and Sacred Festivals: Leviticus 17-26
   5. An Appendix on Vows, Tithes and Things Devoted: Leviticus 21
   Several passages plainly indicate the Wilderness as the place of writing, as Leviticus 19:23. Others that the settlement in Canaan had taken place, as Leviticus 18:27. The former were probably in the first draft by Moses, while Samuel and others were doubtless responsible for recording further enactments. —Through the Bible Day by Day

A Manual of Worship at the Tabernacle

I. Directions Regarding the Offering of Sacrifices, Leviticus 1-7
   1. The Five Offerings, Leviticus 1:1-6:7
      Burned, Leviticus 1
      Meal, Leviticus 2
      Peace, Leviticus 3
      Sin, Leviticus 4
      Trespass, Leviticus 5:1-6:7
   2. The Laws Regarding the Disposal of Each of These Offerings, Leviticus 6:8-7:38
II. The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons to the Priesthood, Leviticus 8-10
   1. Their Consecration by Moses, Leviticus 8
   2. Aaron’s Offerings for Himself and the People, Leviticus 9
   3. Sin of Nadab and Abihu and the Law as to Eating Holy Things, Leviticus 10
III. Laws Regarding Ceremonial Purity, Leviticus 11-16
   1. Clean and Unclean Beasts, Fishes and Fowls, Leviticus 11
   2. The Purification of Women and Their Offerings, Leviticus 12
   3. Leprosy—Laws, Signs, Sacrifices, Leviticus 13, 14
   4. Cleansing from Bodily Uncleannesses, Leviticus 15
   5. The Great Annual Atonement for Sin, Leviticus 16
IV. The Laws of Holiness and Sacred Festivals, Leviticus 17-26
   1. Various Laws Regarding Holiness of Life, Leviticus 17-22, 24
   2. The Yearly Religious Festivals, Leviticus 23
   3. Sabbatical Tear and Year of Jubilee, Leviticus 25
   4. Blessings for Obedience; Chastisement for Disobedience, Leviticus 26
V. Appendix on Vows, Tithes and Things Devoted, Leviticus 27 —Through the Bible Day by Day