I & II Chronicles

Jehovah is the sovereign Lord blessing the obedient and punishing the disobedient.
Seeking and serving the Lord is the secret of a vital religion and a life of victory.

​   The books of Kings and Chronicles are often regarded as much alike, but there are marked differences between them. The books of Kings present mainly political annals from the time of Solomon to the fall of Jerusalem. The northern and southern kingdoms receive equal attention. The books of Chronicles cover a much longer period, longer indeed than that surveyed by any other portion of Scripture. They are a summary of religious history from the creation of the world down to the time when they were written, subsequent to the Captivity. From the time of the division of the kingdom the history of Judah only is recorded, the writer’s purpose excluding any account of apostate Israel.
   The books are drawn from a great variety of sources, many of which are named in the text. Though it is impossible to determine the author with certainty, probability strongly favors Ezra. (Meyer)