The faithfulness of Jehovah to His own has been fully demonstrated.

   Though there are evident traces of the hand of an editing scribe, probably Ezra, there are many indications that the substance of this book was written while the events were still recent. There is therefore no good reason for doubting that the book in its original form was written by Joshua, as Jewish tradition alleges.
   This book is to the Old Testament what the Acts of the Apostles is to the New. The name “Joshua” is equivalent to Jesus, and means “he shall save,” Hebrews 4:8. The Jericho of the early Church was Jerusalem, which they compassed through ten days of prayer as Israel compassed Jericho in seven days of marching. At Pentecost the walls of prejudice fell flat. Ananias and Sapphira were the Achan of the first days. The victories of the Church at Samaria, Antioch and elsewhere recall the conquests of Joshua. And the failure of the Church to go forward to the conquest of the nations finds a bitter parallel in the story of Israel’s apathy toward driving out the Canaanites. —Through the Bible Day by Day ​

Possessing the Promised Land

I. Entrance to Canaan, Joshua 1-5
   1. God’s Charge to Joshua; Spies Sent to Jericho, Joshua 1-2
   2. The Jordan Crossed; Memorial Stones; Circumcision and the Passover, Joshua 3-5
II. The Conquest of Canaan, Joshua 6-12
   1. The Fall of Jericho, Joshua 6
   2. Achan and Ai, Joshua 7-8:29
   3. Confirmation of the Covenant at Ebal and Gerizim, Joshua 8:30-9:27
   4. The Southern and Northern Campaigns, Joshua 10-11
   5. Summary of the Conquest, Joshua 12
III. The Distribution and Partition of Canaan, Joshua 13-21
   1. The Borders of the Tribes beyond the Jordan, Joshua 13
   2. The Land Allotted to the Other Tribes, Joshua 14-19
   3. The Cities of Refuge, Joshua 20
   4. Cities for the Levites, Joshua 21
IV. Settlement and Establishment, Joshua 22-24
   1. The Two and a Half Tribes’ Return beyond Jordan; the Altar of Witness, Joshua 22
   2. Joshua’s Farewell Address, Joshua 23-24:15
   3. The Covenant Renewed at Shechem; Joshua’s Death, Joshua 24:16-33 —Through the Bible Day by Day