The Lord Jesus Christ is the gloriously exalted One, the Alpha and Omega. He is the High Priest of His people; the Bridegroom of the Church; the King-Judge of all mankind.

   The book of Revelation completes the sacred canon. It sets forth in vivid figures the struggles and sufferings that precede the manifestation of “new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness” (2 Peter 3:13). The unveilings of the future which it contains were given to the beloved Apostle on the island of Patmos, whither he had been banished by the Emperor Domitian, in a.d. 94 or 95. The followers of Christ in those days were exposed to severe sufferings, and nothing could be more appropriate to their circumstances than this book, which is filled with consolation for those who are fighting the Lord’s battles. Victory may be delayed, but it is sure.
   To every believer this book is especially valuable, because it gives a view of our Lord’s life on the other side of death, where He acts as priest and is preparing to rule as king. His temporary subjection to death and His victory over it, His omnipotence and universal dominion, His reception of the adoration which His holy apostles refuse—these are the thoughts that are conveyed in the richest and most striking imagery.
   Though many details of the book are difficult of interpretation its main teachings are perfectly clear, and some of its chapters rank among the greatest of all Scripture. —Through the Bible Day by Day

The Final Consummation

Introduction, Revelation 1

I. The Messages to the Seven Churches, Revelation 2, 3
II. The Period of Struggle and Suffering, Revelation 4-7
   1. The Throne in Heaven, Revelation 4
   2. The Book with Seven Seals, Revelation 5
   3. The Opening of the Seven Seals, Revelation 6
   4. The Sealing of the 144,000, Revelation 7
III. The Messianic Conflict, Revelation 8-14
   1. The Seven Angels with Trumpets, Revelation 8-11
   2. The Woman and the Dragon, Revelation 12
   3. The Two Beasts, Revelation 13
   4. The Heavenly Proclamations, Revelation 14
IV. The Messianic Victory, Revelation 15-20
   1. The Song of Moses and the Lamb, Revelation 15
   2. The Seven Bowls of Wrath, Revelation 16
   3. The Fall of Babylon, Revelation 17:1-19:10
   4. The Last Judgment, Revelation 19:11-20:15
V. The Messianic Kingdom, Revelation 21:1-22:5

Conclusion, Revelation 22:6-21 —Through the Bible Day by Day