Justification is by faith without works, and is the righteousness of Christ imputed to the believer, wherein he is made eternally safe.

  This Epistle, together with those to the Corinthians and the Galatians, is allowed by all critics save a negligible minority to have been the production of the Apostle Paul. It was written from Corinth during the three months that he spent in Greece, Acts 20:3, and before he started on his last journey to Jerusalem, to carry contributions to the poor Christians there, Romans 15:19-25.
   Though the Apostle was personally unacquainted with the majority of those addressed, yet the list of personal messages, in the closing chapter, is very large. He felt, too, a special responsibility laid upon him to instruct them in Christian truth. No Epistle has so many allusions to the law of God, but this was in harmony with the method of thought that was congenial to this Christian church, situated as it was in the mighty city that laid the foundations of law and order for subsequent generations. —Through the Bible Day by Day

The Revelation of “Righteousness by Faith”

Introduction, Romans 1:1-15
   1. Salutation, Romans 1:1-7
   2. Personal message, Romans 1:8-15
Theme: The Revelation of “Righteousness by Faith” Romans 1:16-17
I. The Universal Need of Righteousness, Romans 1:18-3:20
   1. By the Gentiles, Romans 1:18-2:16
   2. By the Jews, Romans 2:17-3:20
II. The Free Gift of Divine Righteousness, Romans 3:21-5:21
   1. Bestowed through Faith in Christ, Romans 3:21-31
   2. Promised in God’s Dealings with Abraham and David, Romans 4
   3. Confirmed by Christian Experience, Romans 5:1-11
   4. The New Creation Compared with the Old, Romans 5:12-21
III. The Refutation of Objections, Romans 6-7
   1. Salvation by Grace Means the Overcoming of Sin, Romans 6:1-14
   2. Salvation by Grace Brings a Higher Obligation than That Imposed by the Law, Romans 6:15-23
   3. Salvation by Grace Accomplishes What the Law Could Only Command, Romans 7
IV. The Ministry of the Spirit of Life, Romans 8:1-39
   1. No Condemnation, Romans 8:1-17 
   2. No Humiliation, Romans 8:18-27
   3. No Separation, Romans 8:28-39
V. God’s Purpose for the Jews and Gentiles, Romans 9-11
   1. The Falling Away of the Jews, Romans 9:1-11:12
   2. The Calling of the Gentiles, Romans 11:13-24
   3. The Restoration of the Jews, Romans 11:25-36
VI. The Christian’s Character and Conduct, Romans 12:1-15:13
   1. The Christian as a Man, Romans 12:1-21
   2. The Christian as a Citizen, Romans 13:1-14
   3. The Christian as a Brother, Romans 14:1-15:13
VII. Personal Message and Greetings, Romans 15:14-16:27
   1. Paul’s Missionary Program, Romans 15:14-29
   2. His Fellowship with the Romans in Prayer, Romans 15:30-33
   3. Salutations to His Friends in the Church at Rome, Romans 16:1-23
   4. Benediction, Romans 16:25-27 —Through the Bible Day by Day