The redeemed are saved to serve and must be on their guard against unbelief.

   In the Hebrew this book is called “In the desert.” The ordinary name by which we know it is derived from the two “numberings” of Israel, the former—Numbers 1 to 4—in the second year of their journey; the latter, Numbers 26—on the borders of Canaan, thirty-eight years afterward.
   The early part—Numbers 1-10—appears as a supplement to Leviticus, being occupied with the appointment of the three great families of Levites to their respective departments in the sacred offices. The narrative of the march through the Wilderness is then given as far as Numbers 21:20, after which the story of the conquest of the country east of the Jordan is narrated. The long years during which the generation that refused to respond to the faith of Joshua and Caleb were dying off in the Wilderness, lie between Numbers 19-20, ending with the re-assembling of the congregation at Kadesh for another forward movement. The form of the book is that of a journal in which all the passing occurrences of interest and importance were recorded.
   There are several passages in the New Testament which refer to Moses as the author of this book. See I Corinthians 10:1, 3-6, 8; Hebrews 3:2; 9:14; 12:9. —Through the Bible Day by Day ​

Outline of Numbers
The Experiences in the Wilderness
I. The Camp at Sinai, Numbers 1:1-10:10
   1. The First Numbering and Location of the Tribes, Numbers 1, 2
   2. Location and Duties of the Levites, Numbers 3, 4
   3. Laws Regarding Lepers, Marital Jealousy and the Nazarites, Numbers 5, 6
   4. Offerings of the Princes, Numbers 7
   5. The Golden Lamps and the Consecration of the Levites, Numbers 8
   6. The Passover and the Cloudy Pillar, Numbers 9:1-10:10
II. From Sinai to the Jordan, Numbers 10:11-22:1
   1. The Departure, the Seventy Elders and “the Graves of Lust,” Numbers 10:11-11:35
   2. The Jealousy of Miriam and Aaron, Numbers 12
   3. The Spies Sent from Kadesh; Their Reports and God’s Sentence, Numbers 13, 14
   4. Korah’s Rebellion; Aaron’s Rod, Numbers 16, 17
   5. Duties of Priests and Levites; the Water of Purification, Numbers 18, 19
   6. Again at Kadesh; Moses’ Sin; Edom’s Opposition; Aaron’s Death, Numbers 20
   7. The Canaanites; the Fiery Serpent; the Amorites Conquered, Numbers 21-22:1
III. In the Plains of Moab, Numbers 22:2-36
   1. Balak and Balaam, Numbers 22-24
   2. Baal-peor and the Zeal of Phinehas, Numbers 25
   3. The Second Numbering; Joshua Chosen, Numbers 26, 27
   4. The Offerings for the Different Holy Days and the Laws of Vows, Numbers 28-30
   5. The Conquest of Midian, Numbers 31
   6. Division of the Land; Aaron’s Death; Levitical Cities; Cities of Refuge, Numbers 32-35
   7. Additional Laws of Inheritance, Numbers 36 —Through the Bible Day by Day ​