Jesus is the eternal Son of God, who came into the world to reveal God in terms of human life.

  This is the “eagle” Gospel. It soars into the empyrean with steady wing and searching gaze. The Church has attributed it with consistent tradition to the hand of the Apostle John. The style and spirit and method of thought are so evidently his. There was, indeed, no one else in the first century who could have written it and remained unknown.
   Clement of Alexandria says that it was written by the Apostle at the earnest solicitation of his friends; and that he was led by the Spirit of God to compose a spiritual Gospel, which would unfold much that the Synoptic Gospels had omitted.
   It was probably written during the last decade of the first century, at Ephesus. It is evident that Jerusalem had already fallen, and that Gnostic heresy was already rife; and it fell to the lot of the Apostle to give this last conclusive demonstration that Jesus was the Son of God, John 20:31. It is interesting to study the development of the strife between faith and unbelief, as they became more and more pronounced in respect to the person of our Lord. —Through the Bible Day by Day

Jesus Is the Christ

Prologue, John 1:14
   The Incarnation of the eternal Word

I. The Witness of John the Baptist, John 1:15-51; 3:22-36
   “The voice of one crying in the wilderness;”“Behold the Lamb of God;” James, John, Andrew, Simon, Philip and Nathanael meet Jesus; “He must increase but I must decrease”

II. The Witness of Jesus’ Ministry, John 2:1-6:71
   First miracle, in Cana; Cleansing of the Temple; Visit of Nicodemus; Talk with woman by Jacob’s well and work in Samaria; Nobleman’s son healed; Lame man healed by pool of Bethesda; Feeding of the five thousand; Jesus walks on the sea; Discourse on the bread of life

III. The Witness of Jesus’ Conflict with the Jewish Leaders, John 7:1-12:50
   Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles; Dispute as to Jesus’ origin; Jesus’ claims contested by the Jews, “Before Abraham was, I am;” Healing of man born blind; The Good Shepherd; liaising of Lazarus; Plot of the Pharisees to put Jesus to death; Jesus anointed in Bethany; Greeks meet Jesus; The voice from heaven; The commandment of the Father

IV. The Witness of Jesus’ Sufferings, Death and Resurrection, John 13:1-20:31
   The Feast of the Passover; Jesus washes the feet of the disciples; A new commandment; Withdrawal of Judas; The Father’s house; The Comforter; The true vine; The Spirit of Truth; The high priestly prayer; The betrayal; Trial before Caiaphas, before Pilate; The Crucifixion; Burial; Visit of the women to the tomb; Appearances of the risen Lord; Purpose of the Gospel

Epilogue, John 21:1-25
   Jesus’ manifestation to His disciples by the Sea of Galilee; Draught of fishes; Special commission to Peter; Author’s final note —Through the Bible Day by Day