True rest comes only through redemption and union.

​   This exquisite idyll is united as a supplement to the book of Judges by the word “now,” with which it opens. It was evidently written after the monarchy was established. It has been ascribed to the prophet Samuel, and it is easy to understand the special interest with which he would narrate the origin of the family of the youth whom he had anointed as future king.
   It is clear, however, from the need of explaining a custom which had become obsolete, that the events narrated took place in the early settlement of Israel in the Land of Promise, and probably before the judgeship of Gideon. The story gives a graphic and admirable picture of the simplicity and beauty of the home life of those early years; and it teaches us that we need never despair of our life, for in ways we know not of, God is bringing good out of evil, and sunshine from the dark and cloudy sky. —Through the Bible Day by Day 

The Origin of the House of David

   1. The Sojourn of Elimelech and His Family in Moab, Ruth 1:1-5
   2. The Return of Naomi, Accompanied by Ruth, Ruth 1:6-22
   3. Ruth Gleans in the Field of Boaz, Ruth 2
   4. Ruth Makes Herself Known to Her Kinsman, Ruth 3
   5. The Marriage of Ruth and Boaz, Ruth 4:1-12
   6. The Ancestry of David, Ruth 4:13-22 —Through the Bible Day by Day