Jesus, the Messiah-King, was rejected and killed but His wounding was for our transgressions, and He was bruised for our iniquities.
He is coming again to rule and judge.

There is no reason to doubt that this Gospel was written by Matthew. It presents the narrative of our Lord’s life from the standpoint of the pious Jew; and the evident design of the writer is to show how completely and continually our Lord fulfilled the Old Testament Scriptures. No other Gospel contains so many quotations from the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms. In it the predominant aspect of our Lord’s character and work is the Messianic. He was great David’s Greater Son. The keyword of the book is “Behold your King.” As King, His line is traced through the kingly race. As King, He proclaims the kingdom of heaven. As King, He promulgates the laws, describes the subjects, and announces the rewards of the Kingdom. When describing His own action at the last, when He sits on His throne and all nations are gathered before Him, He speaks of Himself as King, Matthew 25:40. It was on His avowal of kingship that He was condemned to die. From every viewpoint this Gospel is one of the most precious documents in the world. —Through the Bible Day by Day

The King of the House of David

I. The Coming of the King, Matthew 1:1-4:11
   1. His Genealogy, Matthew 1:1-17
   2. His Birth and Early Life, Matthew 1:18-2:23
   3. His Baptism, Matthew 3:1-17
   4. His Temptation, Matthew 4:1-11
II. Proclaiming the Kingdom, Matthew 4:12-16:12
   1. The Beginning of the Galilean Ministry, Matthew 4:12-25
   2. The Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:1-7:29
   3. Miracles of Healing, Matthew 8:1-9:35
   4. Sending Forth of the Twelve, Matthew 9:36-12:42
   5. Discourses and Kingdom Parables, Matthew 11:1-16:12
III. Facing Rejection, Matthew 16:13-25:46
   1. Peter’s Confession—Rejection Announced, Matthew 16:13-28
   2. The Transfiguration, Matthew 17:1-9
   3. Questions, Discourses and Parables of Judgment, Matthew 17:10-25:46
IV. Enduring the Cross, Matthew 26:1-27:66
   1. Plots of Foes and Devotion of Friends, Matthew 26:1-16
   2. The Last Supper and the Agony in the Garden, Matthew 26:17-46
   3. The Betrayal, Matthew 26:47-56
   4. The Jewish and Roman Trials, Matthew 26:57-27:25
   5. The Crucifixion and Burial, Matthew 27:26-66
V. Conquering Death, Matthew 28:1-20
   1. The Visit of the Women to the Empty Tomb, Matthew 28:1-8
   2. The Risen Christ, Matthew 28:9-10
   3. The Testimony of the Soldiers, Matthew 28:11-15
   4. The Great Commission, Matthew 28:16-20 —Through the Bible Day by Day