I Peter

Those who are walking with Christ will be enabled to suffer patiently, joyously and to the glory of God.

II Peter

The believer must be pure and loyal in the days of corruption and apostasy, and hastening the coming of Christ by every means.

This Epistle was addressed primarily to Christian Hebrews, though it does not exclude Gentiles who, by adoption and faith, become members of the true Israel of God. The countries named are from northeast to southwest in Asia Minor. As might have been expected, the paragraphs glow with Peter’s fervent zeal and ardent love. There is also a deep vein of patience and of desire to encourage those who were suffering. The fiery trial was the Neronian persecution, which the emperor instigated to divert from himself the stigma of having set Rome on fire. The date, therefore, is about 65 a.d. —Through the Bible Day by Day

The Fellowship of Christ’s Suffering and Glory

Salutation, I Peter 1:1-2
I. The Conflict of Hope and Suffering, I Peter 1:1-12
   1. The Living Hope Born of Christ’s Resurrection, I Peter 1:3-5
   2. Trials and Sufferings, I Peter 1:6-7
   3. The Triumph of Hope, I Peter 1:8-12
II. A Royal Priesthood and a Holy Nation, I Peter 1:13-2:10
   1. The Call to Holiness, I Peter 1:13-17
   2. Christ’s Work of Redemption, I Peter 1:18-21
   3. The Believer’s Regeneration, I Peter 1:22-2:3
   4. The Stone Rejected by the Builders, I Peter 2:4-8
   5. The People of God, I Peter 2:9, 10
III. Christ’s Unparalleled Example, I Peter 2:11-4:19
   1. The Obligations of the Christian Life, I Peter 2:11-20
   2. The Example of Christ, I Peter 2:21-25
      (His sinlessness)
   3. The Obligations of the Christian Life, I Peter 3:1-17
      (Mutual Forbearance of Wives and Husbands, Brotherly Love, Pity, Courtesy, Overcoming Evil with Good)
   4. The Example of Christ, I Peter 3:18-22
      (His suffering for sin)
   5. The Obligations of the Christian Life, I Peter 4
      (Living to God, Watching, Praying, Hospitality, Suffering as a Christian)
IV. The Direction of the Church, I Peter 5:1-9
   1. Duties of Elders, I Peter 5:1-4
   2. Duties of Young Men, I Peter 5:5-9
Conclusion, I Peter 5:10-14 – Through the Bible Day by Day

This Epistle was addressed to the same persons or churches as the former one, II Peter 3:1. But years separate the two, and the aged Apostle was expecting to be called upon to seal his witness with his blood, II Peter 1:14. His purpose in this dying charge is to caution the Christian community against the dangers which were insidiously at work among them, and were more to be feared than persecution from without. His great argument to this end is the near advent of our Lord.
   The genuineness of this Epistle has been questioned; but it is contained in the list of canonical books put forth by the Council of Carthage in a.d. 397. There is so strong an identity in the use of words, between these two Epistles, and the testimony of the writer as an eye-witness of the glory of the Transfiguration is so unmistakable, that we need entertain no doubt as to the justice of its position among the accepted Scriptures. Compare II Peter 1:16-17 with I Peter 5:1. —Through the Bible Day by Day

Faith’s Conflict and Victory

Salutation, II Peter 1:1-2
I. Faith Implanted, II Peter 1:3-11
II. Faith Quickened, II Peter 1:12-21
III. Faith Assaulted, II Peter 2
IV. Faith Victorious, II Peter 3
Conclusion, II Peter 3:14-18